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About Me

Hi! My name is Morgan, I'm a French teacher and I have recently become a travel agent. I'm originally from France but I left when I was 18 to come to London where I have lived for more than ten years. Yes, it is a pretty long time but you must admit that London is a pretty exciting city!

Once I completed university in 2011, I decided to go on an adventure around the world with my backpack. It was supposed to be a one year trip but I ended up travelling for two and a half years...Yes, one sure thing that I have learnt from this journey is that travelling is seriously addictive!  I went across more than twenty countries in South America and Asia. Also during that time I lived and worked a whole year in Australia where I had a chance to live in the middle of the desert and eventually on a tiny island on the Great Barrier Reef for a few months.

What I brought back from this trip is a serious travel bug but also some incredible memories that I'm so pleased to share on this website along with some hot tips for fellow travellers. 

My long journey around the world ended in June 2014 and since then I've been living in London. Nonetheless, I still travel as much as possible and spend some time on social networks to talk about my trips and help people preparing their own adventures!

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